Zen center
International Zen Center Noorder Poort
Butenweg 1
8351 GC Wapserveen
tel. +31 (0)521 - 321204
fax +31 (0)521 - 321412

Bank: Triodosbank
IBAN: NL96TRIO 0197 61 9223

Raiffeisenbank Erkrath
IBAN: DE80 3706 9521 0408 1150 19

You can contact us by e-mail to give comments on this site or ask questions about the IZI. You can also ask questions directly to one of the teachers via the Teachers Survey.

Wapserveen has only one main street, named Midden. The Noorder Poort is situated on the north side of this street, around Midden 118.

Public transport
If you use public transport, you can take the train to Steenwijk. We have a taxi service to pick you up from the station; just let us know what time you arrive.

National Institutes
The Netherlands, Germany, Spain and America all have national Zen institutes. They support activities and initiatives from the teachers and Zen groups in their own country. On the organizational level they are independent. But in the spirit of the Dharma, the Buddhist teachings, they are one.