Book "In the light of the moon"

On the occasion of Jiun roshi's sixtieth birthday and the fundraising campaign for a new zen master house, Jishin osho published the book of children's stories 'Bij het Licht van de Maan' and donated the proceeds to the zen center. See also the November news.

The picture shows, from left to right: Myoko, Maria, Marjolein, Modana, Jishin, Sandra, Marjita, DaniŽl.
The zen stories of Jishin osho can be read as fairy tales. The young heroes an heroines are challenged; they face numerous diversities but thanks to their courage and determination, they successfully undertake these adventures. Often they are helped by wise, older persons. In a playful manner, the stories teach the children something about themes such as friendship, the transitory nature of things and the power of silence and mindfulness.
Most of these stories are situated far away or long ago, but some relate to the daily life of children like Joppe, who in the course of his persistent "why" questioning almost lets his mother tumble from a stepladder or the little Manfred who sweeps autumn leaves in the garden. Mother cat Rosita, who finds her tummy becoming larger and less firm which "completely freaks her out" is a consolation for the mature reader (m/f).

There is a dutch and a german edition!

You can order the book by paying Ä15,- (including postage) into the account NL96TRIO 0197 61 9223 of I.Z.C. Noorder Poort in Wapserveen, stating "book by Jishin osho". Don't forget to also state whether you want the Dutch, the German or the English version! (We hope to publish a Spanish versions later).

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