Calendar Noorder Poort 2020

This page shows the calendar for 2020; view the calendar for 2021 here.

As long as our programs are subject to restrictive measures to prevent the spread of the Corona-virus, all guests stay in a single room (unless they belong to the same household). During this period, all guests are charged for a double room, plus a Corona surcharge of  25,- to € 50,- per program (depending on the duration).

As soon as these measures are no longer necessary, the original double/single prices will again be charged (consult the original program).

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DatesCodeProgramGuidancePrice (double / single)
May 29 mei - June 12013walking retreatMyoko Suigen osho & Kyosei Verboom€ 209 / 276
June 9-142034condensed dai-sesshinJiun Hogen roshi€ 361
June 16-212035kokoro sesshinJiun Hogen roshi€ 361
June 26-282016zen weekendAnshin Tenjo osho€ 170
July 18-252017dai-sesshinJiun Hogen roshi€ 500
July 28-312018daily life sesshinJiun Hogen roshi€ 170
August 15 - Sept 52019Summer training
August 15-202020go-sesshinTetsue roshi€ 361
August 21-232021zen weekendJiun Hogen roshi€ 170
August 29 - Sept 52022dai-sesshinJiun Hogen roshi€ 500
September 11 - 132010body & mind weekendDaishin van Hoogdalem€ 170
September 28 - Oct 22023workweek€ 50
October 2-42024zen weekendMyoko Suigen osho€ 170
October 20-252025go-sesshinAnshin Tenjo osho€ 361
November 2-62026workweek€ 50
November 13 - Dec 122027Autumn-training
November 13-152028zen weekendTetsue roshi€ 170
November 17-222029kokoro-sesshinJiun Hogen roshi€ 361
November 23-262030daily life sesshinJiun Hogen roshi€ 170
November 27-292031body & mind weekendDaishin van Hoogdalem€ 170
December 5-12 2032rohatsu-sesshin Jiun Hogen roshi€ 523
December 28 - Jan 12033new year's sesshinMyoko Suigen osho€ 314

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Costs: all inclusive for resp. double/single bedroom, except taxi service from/to railway station Steenwijk for € 6,- per person one way. At the end of each program there is an opportunity to give dana to the teacher.