Calendar Noorder Poort 2021

This page shows the calendar for 2021; view the calendar for 2020 here.

As long as our programs are subject to restrictive measures to prevent the spread of the Corona-virus, all guests stay in a single room (unless they belong to the same household). During this period, all guests pay the same price.

As soon as these measures are no longer necessary, different prices will be published for staying in a single or a double room.

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February 5 - March 62101Winter training€ 1375
February 5-72102zen weekendMyoko Suigen osho€ 170
February 9-122103daily life sesshinJiun Hogen roshi€ 170
February 16-212104go sesshinTetsue roshi€ 365
February 27 - March 6 2105dai sesshinJiun Hogen roshi€ 500
March 19-212106body & mind weekendDaishin van Hoogdalem€ 170
April 15-182107walking retreatMyoko Suigen osho & Kyosei Verboom€ 235
April 19-232108workweek€ 50
April 27 - May 22109kokoro sesshinJiun Hogen roshi€ 365
May 3-72110workweek€ 50
May 13-162111family sesshinTetsue roshi€ 250 adult /
€ 125 (child 3-16 yr)
May 28 mei - June 262112Spring training€ 1375
May 28-302113zen weekendAnshin Tenjo osho€ 170
June 1-4 2114daily life sesshinJiun Hogen roshi€ 170
June 8-132115go sesshinMyoko Suigen osho€ 365
June 19-262116dai sesshinJiun Hogen roshi€ 500
July 17- 242117dai sesshinTetsue roshi€ 500
August 13 - September 112118Summer training€ 1375
August 13-152119zen weekendMyoshin Jigen osho€ 170
August 17-202120daily life sesshinJiun Hogen roshi€ 170
August 24-292121go sesshinJiun Hogen roshi€ 365
September 4-112122dai sesshinJiun Hogen roshi€ 500
September 13-172123workweek€ 50
October 16212425th anniversary Noorder Poort
October 19-242125kokoro sesshinJiun Hogen roshi€ 365
October 25-292126workweek€ 50
October 29-312127body & mind weekendDaishin van Hoogdalem€ 170
Nov 12 - Dec 112128Autumn training€ 1400
November 12-142129zen weekendTetsue roshi€ 170
November 16-192130daily life sesshinJiun Hogen roshi€ 170
November 23-282131go sesshinAnshin Tenjo osho€ 365
December 4-112132rohatsu sesshin Jiun Hogen roshi€ 535
December 28 - Jan 12133new year's sesshinMyoko Suigen osho€ 315

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Costs: all inclusive, except taxi service from/to railway station Steenwijk for € 6,- per person one way. At the end of each program there is an opportunity to give dana to the teacher.