Christoph Hokyo Roethel

Can you teach Zen…?

Zen cannot be put into words or explained. As a teacher I can only encourage you to embark on this path of meditation/introspection to experience for yourself that we are not who we have always thought we are.

I took my first step on this path at the age of 55. Now I am over eighty, and thanks to all these years of daily practice, I have become a grateful and (mostly) serene, well centered human being.

And the long journey begins with the first step:

Go! There is no path.
If there is no path – there is no goal
If there is no goal – there is only the first step
If there is only the first step –there is the now
If there is the now –there is no confusion
If there is no confusion – there is no clinging
If there is no clinging – there is no suffering
If there is no suffering – there is faith
If there is faith – there is surrender
If there is surrender – there is love
If there is love – there is constant peace
If there is constant peace – there is silence

Go! There is no path.