Kwan yin

Kwan yin

To register for one of our programs is quite simple and takes two steps.

Step 1:
Fill in the form below and submit it. If you have been in one of our programs before, you don't have to fill in all fields. If none of the information has changed, you may just enter the program in which you wish to register, your name, your email-address and the room type (single or double).
You can also register by telephone. On weekdays, you can call between 09:00 and 12:00 am to
+31 521 321204. You may want to do that if you register at the last moment. In that case we can tell you right away if there is still room.

We will confirm your registration within two weekdays. Payment details are included in the confirmation.

Step 2:
Deposit the fee for the course into either one of our bank accounts:
NL96TRIO 0197 61 9223, BIC: TRIONL2U of the Noorder Poort in Wapserveen (Dutch account), or

Raiffeisenbank Erkrath, IBAN: DE80 3706 9521 0408 1150 19, BIC: GENODED1MNH.
Your registration is final only after we have received the payment. Please don't wait too long.

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For which program in 2021 do you want to register?*

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Buddhist name (if any):
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What room type do you prefer?*

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*  I give permission to store the data from this form in the Noorder Poort database. (Uncheck if you don't want that.)

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After registration

About a week before the start of the program you will receive an email with practical
information: What you need and don't need to take with you, and at what times we can pick you
up at Steenwijk station.


You can cancel without a charge until 10 days prior to the start of the program.
If you cancel 10 days or less before the start of the program, we charge 50% of the course fee unless we find a replacement.
If you cancel in the last 24 hours before the start of the program, we charge the entire course fee, unless we find a replacement.

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