Macarena Genno Carretero

Zen teacher Genno CarreteroMacarena Carretero was born in Mexico City in 1947. She moved to Florida USA in 1974 for postgraduate medical studies and after a brief return to Mexico, has stayed in Florida since 1980. She met Jiun Hogen roshi in a week long retreat in Miami in 2000. She had started her meditation practice years before in Miami under Soan Poor osho. She was ordained as a zen teacher by Jiun Hogen Roshi in March of 2018, giving her the name of Genno (Original Talent).

Genno quit her medical practice in 2016 and lives now in Micanopy FL where the zen retreats take place when Jiun Roshi goes to Florida. She has two daughters and two grandsons and she is now involved with a peace building organization in Gainesville FL.