Shingetsu van der Groen

Shingetsu van der Groen (1933 – 2012) was a yoga teacher. Zen made her develop her own style of yoga: A combination of Japanese yoga, Taoism and Oriental Medicine.

In 1983, Shingetsu met Prabhasa Dharma zenji. She practised very intensively with her in Europe and the USA.

For years, Shingetsu had her own meditation center in Krimpen aan den IJssel in The Netherlands. In her meditation groups, she paid much attention to exercises which made sitting in zazen easier.

Shingetsu lived mindful of Prabhasa Dharma zenji’s words: “Don’t talk too much. Show it.”
In this way the teacher is a living example.

Shingetsu’s favorite poem:

Always have nothing to think about
Is the practice of becoming Buddha.
With not thinking, everything
Whatever you do, is good.
Live as a dead man,
Die, die totally
And act in freedom.
That is Nirwana.

Shedo Buma

Shingetsu passed away on July 30, 2012.